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Why Learn Yiddish?


How the Course Works

I teach cohorts of no more than five students. Cohort classes encourage good study practices and foster a deeper commitment to the course as students are responsible for one another's learning. The study cohort is also a great place to make new friends and build lasting relationships!

Each week, students receive an email in Yiddish and English with a link to a Zoom class and a PDF of the week's learning material. The PDF contains hyperlinks to audio recordings of texts we're studying, from "Hello, my name is..." all the way to advanced Yiddish literature.

The synchronous lessons last 75 minutes and are dynamic and interactive. Classes focus on listening, reading, and speaking Yiddish. Outside of class, students are assigned homework to deepen their understanding of grammar and develop their writing skills.

Students receive a password to access a shared folder in the Student Portal on this website. The portal contains all the learning material, audio recordings, glossaries of new words that come up in class, and videos of all the lessons.

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What People are Saying

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